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What is a Launchpad?

Playaway Launchpads are tablets that are pre-loaded with content for adults, teens, and kids. There's no need to download content or have access to Wi-Fi when using a Launchpad.

Launchpads can be checked out from PTPLD for a period of 1 week. There is a $2 per day late fee for unreturned items. Launchpads must be checked out on an adult card

Check out the list below to see what kind of Launchpads our library has to offer. If you're interested in learning more about a Launchpad, or in checking one out from the library, click "View in Catalog" to go to the online SWAN library catalog. 


After School Extreme! Brain Breaks   

"Kids will dodge obstacles, cast magical spells, battle on the seas, fight evil, and go on many more adventures with these interactive games perfect for after school."-- Publisher description.

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A Day at the Zoo!


"This zoo adventure is the perfect way for children to explore animals, animal noises, and habitats -- all while learning new words, stories, languages, and more. Practice creative thinking ; Engage in word play and language learning ; Improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills ; Learn cause and effect"--Publisher description.

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Dino-riffic Day! Dinosaurs.  

"Every little scientist will have fun traveling back in time to learn about the world of dinosaurs! Get facts about prehistoric plants and animals; Learn addition and subtraction; Discover fossils; Improve hand-eye coordination."-- Publisher description.

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Eating it All Up With the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends!: Popular Kids' Characters.


"Learn about healthy eating habits and safety; explore music; read along with interactive books; improve memory skills."--Publisher description.

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E is for Explore!


"Little learners will bring this interactive world to life as they color, create, paint, and sing along! Color animals and characters; Draw and paint pictures; Decorate sweet treats; Sing along with fun songs."-- Publisher description.

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Life. Art. Logic.


"Kids will learn new concepts and how to think in unconventional ways with these challenges and stories centered around science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Read informational books; Practice measurement down to the decimal; Solve complex challenges; Learn about recycling"-- Publisher description.

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Lucky Numbers! Math.


"Kids will develop a strong foundation of math skills and learn how numbers relate to one another as they work their way through these interactive learning tools and games."-- Publisher description.

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It's a Matter of Science!


"Kids will practice important concepts and develop the skills needed to accelerate through 3rd grade science."-- Publisher description.

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Math Madness!

 "Children will explore 5th grade math concepts from fractions and decimals to pre-algebra in this journey through targeted games and challenges! Learn 5th grade math concepts; strengthen problem-solving skills; discover pre-algebra and advanced math; test critical thinking skills"--Publisher description.

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Mission Math!

"This math adventure teaches 3rd Graders multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, and geometry - all while strengthening their memory, accuracy and logic skills. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; Learn order of operations and numbers sense ; Deepen overall understanding of math ; Practice early geometry"-- Publisher description.

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Mission Possible with Scooby Doo and Friends!

"Kids will play in a world of action-packed adventure with their favorite characters from Scaredy Squirrel, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and more. Increase problem-solving skills; Improve reading and comprehension; Develop strategic thinking skills; Stop villians and earn points."-- Publisher description.

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Multiply by Fun!

"These activities, games, and challenges make it easy for kids to stay sharp all summer long. Develop problem solving and memory skills; Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication; Improve spatial reasoning and motor skills; Learn to tell time."-- Publisher description.

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Number the Stars!

"Kids learn about the world through a scientific lens with these award-winning stories, challenges, and games that encourage them to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math.This pack includes apps that have won industry awards including Children's Technology Review: Editor's Choice, National STEM Game Competition, and a Webby. Learn about the solar system; Master math skills at all different levels; Investigate environmental issues; Develop scientific literacy."-- Publisher description.

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Princess Power!: Princesses

"From Beauty and the Beast to Rapunzel to My Little Pony, this pack is perfect for the princess who loves interactive stories playing fashionista, and the girl who dreams of being President of the United States. Build literacy skills through interactive 3D reading; Enhance creativity by painting with melodies; Learn time-tested lessons from award-winning classical stories; Encourage imaginative play through rich and responsive games and apps."-- Publisher description.

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Put it Together!

"Kids will learn new ways of thinking and expand their minds by solving puzzles, completing challenges, playing match games, and exploring cause and effect. Sharpen problem-solving skills ; improve attention span and memory ; develop logic and critical thinking skills ; practice basic math skills"--Publisher description.

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Smarty Party!

"Kids will learn new ways of thinking about science, technology, engineering, art, and math with these interactive games, puzzles, and activities. Build fundamental math and science skills; Develop creativity with music, drawing, and coloring; Improve problem-solving ability; Explore new worlds."-- Publisher description.

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A Story to Tell!

Learners will practice reading for understanding and developing their storytelling skills.

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It's Swell to Spell!

"Kids will have fun learning hundreds of new words with these games and challenges that make learning language an exciting interactive adventure!"-- Publisher description.

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That's my Planet!

"These interactive games and stories will help children explore everything from prehistoric times to some of the most important things they can do to keep our planet happy and healthy. Explore prehistoric animals and plant life ; discover plants and pollination ; learn about recycling, composting and other ways to protect the earth ; strengthen hand-eye coordination."-- Publisher description.

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Think Faster!

"Children will find hidden objects, solve difficult puzzles, and improve their mental agility with these interactive challenges! Strengthen problem-solving and evaluation skills; Complete puzzles; Strategize through fast-paced games; Build visual concentration."-- Publisher description.

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"Fictional characters come to life in these interactive games and storybooks designed to teach everything from reading comprehension to spelling and vocabulary. Learn vocabulary and language; Read along for better comprehension; Explore concepts from pattern recognition to object permanence; Strengthen logic and spelling skills."-- Publisher description.

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From A to Zeta!

"These interactive learning tools bring together text, sounds, and visuals to help kids build an understanding of science, technology, engineering, art, and math."-- Publisher description.

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Brain Juice

"Do you want to push your brain potential to the max? Brain Games help train your mind by challenging memory, reaction time, problem-solving and observation skills, attention span and more."-- Publisher description.

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SAT Prep: English

"Score more points on the Writing, Language, & Essay portions of the SAT when you prepare with with these interactive tools. This pack will help you improve your understanding of grammar, parts of speech, word tenses, sentence structure, punctuation, and more."-- Publisher description.

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The Wordsmith

"Add hundreds of words to your vocabulary with games that help you learn spelling, meaning and more! Build knowledge and master new skills anytime, anywhere with these supplemental learning tools. Apps provide words & definitions for each letter of the alphabet."-- Publisher description.

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Reading Academy

 The Reading Academy Launchpad Series has something to offer five different levels of readers:

Level 1: Pre-Emerging

Level 2: Emerging

Level 3: Early Developing

Level 4: Developing

Level 5: Independent